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Security Policy

The broad parameters listed under the Security policy seek to inform users about the technological and online security protocols being implemented and followed by Users need to be aware that whilst uses the latest technology, it cannot guarantee 100% security on its online network. Thus any information submitted or provided by users is done so with the understanding that any potential risk involved is the sole responsibility of the concerned user.

  • follows the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security protocol whenever it requests personal information such as customer name, credit card number and other member account related details while processing member registrations or to complete transactions. 
  • SSL enables protection of your personal information by encrypting information as it travels from you to our server, thus preventing disclosure to unknown third parties, and also ensuring that this information is not compromised or shared over the internet.
  • ensures 128 bit encryption when information is communicated through domestic or export versions of Microsoft® and Netscape® web based browsers. This advanced 128 bit encryption is stronger and more secure than the older 40 bit encryption modes.
  • makes use of the latest technology and commercially certified security protocols to ensure data accuracy, maintain information consistency, and prevent unauthorized access and sharing.
  • All registered users can view and amend/edit their registration information, payment information and other account details including publishing information through their password protected accounts. The password details should not be disclosed to anybody or anyone and there will be no requests either by telephone or by email from to obtain this password. If you are using a shared system then do not choose the “save username and password” option provided during log-in. Always close the browser window and sign out when you have finished your current session.
  • Data sharing and transfer over the Internet or any web network cannot have a guarantee of 100% security. Thus will protect your information, with the understanding that no website or company including ourselves can fully guarantee the safety of any information transferred to us and that alls users do so at their own risk.
  • ensures that under no circumstances will it reveal your personal information to unknown third party sources except known associate and affiliate partners. All credit card information will only be verified by a responsible employee of the respective financial organization before validating your membership or registration.