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Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy described below is the document which authorizes your use of the website. The terms absent or not described in this Privacy Policy have their related meanings mentioned in the Terms of Service agreement between you and You are consenting to, or accepting this Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service by using this website.

Information and Data Collection

• All registering users will be required to fill out a registration form with details such as name, address, phone number, fax, email address, and business information, as well as other personal information. This information is recorded to your account after your registration process is complete.

• Any information or data submitted for posting / publishing on using the tools or features on the website, which include but are not limited to such details as company information, product catalog, trade leads and any other discussion forums, is deemed to have been agreed to and published under the consent of the concerned user.

• Any purchases made through, or from any of its sellers, application for credit accounts, or related payment or funds disbursement issues will require additional information such as credit card details, billing information, check or money order information, expiry dates and tracking data to be submitted by the concerned user.

• reserves the right to collect statistical data concerning users and information about the activities on the website which will include but not be limited to factors such as, unique visitors, page views, IP addresses, operating system, browser, demographics and number of sessions.

• All the above mentioned information collection or gathering means used by might be done with the use of cookies and all these methods come under the broad supervision of terms identified under the Terms of Service agreement.

Use of Information/Data

• Information or statistical data collected will be used to evaluate and analyze the products and services offered on the website, to improve the features provided for users, offer customized features and make the website more user-friendly. Information collected may be used to offer better services for your account which will include but not be limited to resolution of disputes, enforcing terms and conditions, and evaluating problems and issues. does not involve itself in selling , trading, renting, exchanging or distributing any personal information submitted by users. Some levels of statistical data may be shared with our associate partners, advertisers, affiliates, customers and potential users. The collected information may also be used to develop marketing campaigns and promotional campaigns in favor of third parties, but under no circumstances will your information be compromised to any third party unless you have responded to such advertising and marketing initiatives.

• may use the registration information provided by users to provide the level of services required by users or inform or recommend additional services which would benefit them in the future. The website will mainly use your email address, telephone, and fax numbers, and your mailing address to contact users regarding surveys, product promotions, new services, feedback, or communication essential to the operations of Internal evaluation and analysis, site monitoring, market research and analysis, and other marketing decisions may be carried out using registration information provided by users.

• Any information or data submitted by users will be put up for public display and access on the website. Whenever users submit information it is deemed that they have relinquished or given away all proprietary rights which will include but not be limited to rights of copyright, confidentiality and/or disclosure. All users are required to use their own intuitive ability and common sense before submitting any information to us.

• All your payment information may be shared with Banks or financial institutions, or sellers participating in a transaction, to facilitate the completion of transactions. Payment information may also be submitted to Banks, lending agencies, or credit institutions to ascertain the credit worthiness of the concerned users. All credit card information submitted is directly transferred to the payment gateway servers of the credit card processing vendor or bank. There are no hard or soft copies or any form of electronic records of your credit card information stored or recorded by has in place the latest technology and software to safeguard your payment information and details but cannot guarantee the effectiveness of these features to completely negate the risk of theft, losses or unlawful use of this information by hackers or intruders. Under no circumstances can be held liable to any claims made due to unauthorized use, publishing, losses, illegal sharing and/or disclosure of payment information including credit card details.

• The main objective of collection and gathering statistical data is to maintain and manage the site services and operating hardware and software systems efficiently and to update the computer servers. Internal evaluation and analysis, site monitoring, market research and analysis, and other marketing decisions may be carried out using this statistical data consisting of usage and other related parameter analysis. Statistical information may be made available to third parties but this will in no way amount to your personal identity as a user being compromised.

Information Dissemination

• reserves the right to disclose any submitted information to the concerned authorities where there is strong evidence to suggest that such disclosure is essential to contact, identify or carry out legal action against a person or persons who may have violated or threaten to violate or may be causing damage or disruptions to the rights, property, name and interests of, and also adversely affecting our partners, users, associates, affiliates, or any other persons who may be affected by such an activity.

• reserves the right to disclose any submitted information as required by the law of the land or under a legal order as deemed necessary by any governmental or judicial authority.

• also reserves it right to make public or disclose any users information if it has reason to believe that such an user has violated or breached the Terms of Service agreement or any other terms and conditions.

Partnerships and Associate Relationships

• has established strong trade and business relationships with associate third party partners to enhance the services it offers. These partners and associates are often promoted or advertised through our website in the form of direct links or display banners and hyperlinks leading up to different products and offerings on these partner sites. Users may be required to register separately or provide information to view and access products and services on these third party associate websites. However, caution has to be exercised since the policies and Terms of Service for these associate websites may be different from that of and we cannot exercise any control over information submitted to such websites, thus users are recommended to read all relevant policies and agreements before using and accessing these websites.


• uses “Cookies” to record information and track the number of visits by users to its website. Cookies are commonly used by websites to enhance the identification and tracking process for visitors to the site. Cookies enable small packets of information being sent to your web browser and then subsequently being stored on the computers hard disk drive. Cookies can be sent to your computers hard disk drive only when you access and use our website. Thus if the cookie has not been deleted or deactivated each time you visit our website our web servers will record that information and use it to help in identifying your usage pattern. Cookies will generally be used to help us access your submitted information such as registration details, payment information and posting information so that it does not have to be re-submitted, to gather usage pattern data, evaluate user visits and design promotional campaigns based on user behavior, assist associate partners to track user visits and process orders more quickly.

• You can configure your browser settings to accept or deny cookies when accessing the website. There can be notifications received when a cookie has been sent or you can reject all cookies, but this will amount to you having to re-enter or re-submit all your information many times and also access may be limited to some features on the website.

Minors and Children

• does not intend to nor has any intentions of targeting minors or children to access and purchase goods and services listed on the website, under permissible law. However we have no way of determining the age of visitors to the website and we deem that the same Privacy Policy is applicable to persons of all ages. If any minor or child has submitted information on our website without consent from parents and/or guardians, the parents or guardians have to contact us to have the relevant information removed.

Security and Safeguards

• makes use of the latest technology and commercially certified security protocols to ensure data accuracy, maintain information consistency, and prevent unauthorized access and sharing.

• All registered users can view and amend/edit their registration information, payment information and other account details including publishing information through their password protected accounts. The password details should not be disclosed to anybody or anyone and there will be no requests either by telephone or by email from to obtain this password. If you are using a shared system then do not choose the “save user name and password” option provided during log-in. Always close the browser window and sign out when you have finished your current session.

• Data sharing and transfer over the Internet or any web network cannot have a guarantee of 100% security. Thus will protect your information, with the understanding that no website or company including ourselves can fully guarantee the safety of any information transferred to us and that alls users do so at their own risk.

Privacy Policy Amendments

• All amendments and changes made to the Privacy Policy shall be confirmed by posting the latest or current updated Policy on the website. The new Privacy policy will be effective immediately and any information or data submitted prior to or after the policy has been posted will be governed under the update Policy. If for some reason you disapprove of our new Privacy Policy you submit your written complaint to the registered address displayed for

Editing and Amending Personal Information

• All users can access their registered accounts and make the necessary changes, if any, to their registration information, payment details and publishing or posting information provided to

Feedback and Comments

• welcomes your valuable inputs, comments or feedback regarding our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. You can send your comments to