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GemeWizard to Provide Free Online Version of Gem Color Software
Now Gemstone Color can be detected online much faster

GemeWizard, the developer of a system for describing and communicating color in gems, has announced that it will be supplying an online version of its color communication application free of charge on its website,

The GemSquare Lite enables users to accurately describe a gemstone’s color and then transfer that information to a third party by email. “Our goal is to provide anybody handling colored gemstones and fancy colored diamonds a common language by which he or she can communicate color information to colleagues, clients and suppliers,” GemeWizard founder and developer Menahem Sevdermish explained. GemeSquare system users are able to locate the color of a gem from 31 master color hues, with each visible in six tones, and each of those in six levels of saturation.

Gem colors are described using standard GIA terminology and GemeWizard's alphanumeric Color Code; in addition, GIA Education has endorsed the system and since 2006 has incorporated it into GIA curriculum. Also ahead of the Tucson shows, GemeWizard is inviting clients who earlier purchased the original GemeSquare software to upgrade free of charge to GemeSquare 2.0. The latest version of the program includes an application called GemeSampler Lite, which is able to scan a digital photograph of a colored gem and then automatically assign its color description and GemeWizard alphanumeric Color Code.