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As a seller can I buy items from other stores and auctions listed by other sellers?
Yes. As a registered seller you may also buy products listed by other sellers.
Will I be charged any fees or transaction costs upon receiving payments from buyers?
The fees or transaction costs for receiving payments from buyers are dependent upon the specific payment method/s you have chosen to offer your buyers. Please refer to the Payment FAQ's section for further information pertaining to the fees and costs associated with the different payment methods.
Can buyers see all my details for my member account on
Buyers are able to access your contact details and other important information such as store and company policies as listed for your account.
Are there separate payment modes for auctions and regular product listings?
No. There are no separate payment modes for different types of product listings. Payment methods accepted have to be clearly indicated by the seller for each product shown.
How do I receive payments for items sold on
You have to indicate the payment methods you accept by selecting suitable payment options during each individual products creation. Buyers interested in purchasing your items can then clearly view the payment methods you accept for each product. Moreover, you are also required to update and give details of each payment method that you accept in the Payment information section of your account. This information is then made available to buyers.
How do I add images to my product listings?
Images can be added during product creation. This must be done before products are assigned to Fixed price, Auction or Closeout listings on You may upload a maximum of 3 images for each product. In addition to this, you can also upload another image for the certificate (if applicable), when you are creating gemstone and diamond products. For editing or updating images you have to look up your listed products from within your member account and then proceed to update or change the images.
How do I update my store policies?
You can add and update the various policies, such as Terms & Conditions, Privacy, Shipping and Return policies etc from within your store. These policies will then be displayed in your store for the benefit of buyers.
How do I create my own Store?
To create your own store you will need to upgrade your basic membership by signing in to your account and clicking on the "Create Store" link. Likewise, you can also click on the "Get Store" or " Create Store" links featured in various sections. Clicking on any of the aforementioned links will action an html email confirmation being sent to your registered email address. This email will list the steps you must complete in order to create your store. You can then proceed to create your store by reading the steps listed in the email and following the link. Alternatively, you can return to your account and create your store from within your account. When creating your own store you will be asked to enter basic store information like store name, short descriptions, etc. You will also need to choose the template you require for your store. Fixed Price, Auction and Closeout items created by you will immediately be listed in your store. Once you have created a store your account will be charged a fee of US$29.00, or THB999 each month.
How do I contact buyers on
You can contact potential buyers, buyers who have won your items in auction, or buyers that are interested in purchasing your items by sending them messages from your account within Alternatively, you may also contact buyers by visiting their stores or listed products (if applicable).
Can I list my items in both the Product (Gemstones, Jewelry, Diamonds) and Auction categories?
Yes. You may list your product in either the Fixed Price, Closeout, or Auction categories. You may also re-list and reassign products to transfer their status from Fixed to Auction , Closeout to Fixed, Auction to Fixed, and from Fixed price to a Closeout status.
How do I post items as Closeout items?
You post items as Closeout items by choosing the Closeout option when assigning products during product creation. When you have marked a particular item as a Closeout item you will be prompted to enter a Closeout price for that particular item. The price you enter will be displayed as the final selling price.
How do I post items as Fixed Price items?
You post items as Fixed Price items by choosing the Fixed Price option when assigning products during product creation. When you have marked a particular item as Fixed Price the final selling price that will be displayed is the total selling price in US$ that was initially entered during product creation.
How do I post items for Auction?
You post items for auction firstly by directly creating products (Gemstones, Jewelry and Diamonds), and then assigning them to the Auctions category. Upon selecting Auctions you will be prompted to enter a starting price, a reserve price and a Buy it Now price. You then choose the duration of your auction which may range from 3 to 15 days, and then finally, proceed to start the auction immediately or alternatively schedule a start date by selecting a day and time up to 7 days from the initial product creation date. You can also go into "My Account" and look up all your listed products under the "All Selling" category. You may then choose to change the status of the Fixed and Closeout status items to Auction status, and vice-versa.
How can I post or list my items for selling on
You can start posting items for selling on after you sign into your account. Click on the "Sell" Tab to start entering the product details for gemstones, jewelry and diamonds, and proceed to assign them as Fixed Price items, Auction items or Closeout items.
Do I need to register separately as a seller on
No, you do not have to register separately as a seller. You simply follow the normal registration process on by choosing your login information and by entering your company profile. After your details have been received our support department will contact you and proceed to activate your account.
When can I start selling products on
You can start adding and selling items almost immediately after your registration details have been submitted and approved.