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 Lemon Jade


Gemstone :
Lemon Jade is the trade name for the light yellow-green variety of Serpentine.

Lemon jade is also commonly known as “New” Jade.

Birthstone Month :
Lemon Jade (Serpentine) is not associated with any particular birthstone month.

Zodiac :
Lemon Jade (Serpentine) is not associated with any particular zodiac sign.

Chemical Symbol :

Chemical Make-up :
Lemon Jade (Serpentine) is a light yellow-green variety of the mineral Serpentine, a Magnesium Iron Silicate Hydroxide.

History & Lore :
Serpentine's name is widely believed believed to either be derived from its serpent-like colors and patterns, or because of the old myth that these gemstones were effective protection from venomous snake bites.

The Maori tribes of New Zealand carved beautiful sculptures from local Serpentine. These were called 'tangiwai', meaning “tears”.

Serpentine mined in Afghanistan, where it is known as 'sang-i-yashm', has been used
for decorative purposes for many generations.

Serpentine is used industrially for a number of purposes including building materials, thermal and electrical insulation, and railway ballasts. The more attractive and durable Serpentine varieties used for gem purposes are termed “precious” or “noble” Serpentine.


Because of Serpentine's similar appearance and occurrences, it has been assigned the same metaphysical properties as Jade:

Jade is believed to stimulate creativity and mental agility, whilst also encouraging practicality, wisdom, love, and tolerance. It is also believed to have a balancing and harmonizing effect, banishing negative thoughts and rejuvenating the wearer during times of stress. In addition to this, Jade is also believed to increase body strength and longevity.

Physically, Jade has long been associated with the kidneys, and is still a remedy amongst healers of Nephritic Colic. Jade is also believed to help protect and aid the heart, larynx, liver, spleen ,thymus, immune system, and nervous system.

Availability :
Lemon Jade (Serpentine) is readily available at affordable prices.

Sources :
Though Lemon Jade (Serpentine) can be found worldwide, particularly nice specimens are found in Canada (Quebec), China, Italy, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, and the United States.

Evaluation :
The Serpentine group consists of four species with the same composition but different properties: Antigorite, Chrysotile, Clinochrysotile, and Lizardite. Lemon Jade is a Bowenite, a variety of Antigorite, and is rated at 4 to 6 on Moh's Scale of Hardness. Lemon Jade (Serpentine) is much softer then true Jade and should therefore be worn with care so as to avoid damage.

Serpentine often resembles Jade and it can be difficult to distinguish between the two. The confusion is a result of the two's similar luster, translucency, and that fact that they are often found together. Lemon Jade (Serpentine) is a transparent, greenish-yellow stone with a greasy luster and is often referred to as “New” Jade. Although the intensity of the color is the most important factor when determining Lemon Jades (Serpentine) value, special attention should also be paid to the the stones transparency, clarity, and texture.

Common Cuts :
Serpentine has often been used for decorative carvings. With regards to jewelry, Serpentine gemstones are best suited and most commonly fashioned into cabochons.

Routine Enhancements :
Lemon Jade (Serpentine) is commonly dyed to give it a truer jade-like appearance.

Care & Cleaning :
Lemon Jade (Serpentine) is best cleaned using warm soapy water and a soft brush. Lemon Jade should be kept away from exposure to excessive heat and household chemicals that could damage the stone. In addition to this, steamers and ultrasonic cleaners should be avoided.

Lemon Jade (Serpentine) jewelry should be stored in a fabric-lined box away from other jewelry items in order to avoid damage / scratching.

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