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The Gem Trade Network
Company Profile
The Gem Trade Network was founded in 2006 by leading gemstone and jewelry e-commerce professionals. Its mission is to become the gem and jewelry industry’s leading e-marketplace and global trade community. With advanced e-commerce technologies and marketing resources developed exclusively for the global gem trade, the Gem Trade Network aims to provide members with the industry’s most effective trading platform and best access to the global trade and consumer markets.
Located at the crossroads of the international gemstone trade in Bangkok, Thailand, the Gem Trade Network is ideally situated to serve the needs of global gemstone and jewelry traders. By merging traditional trade channels with the most advanced technical features in today's e-commerce arena, the Gem Trade Network’s website provides a powerful platform for managing and controlling trade activities and relationships. The network directory, online stores and versatile search features provide members the ability to identify trading opportunities faster and more effectively thus allowing transactions to be completed much quicker and efficiently than with other e-marketplaces.
This global trade network is the brainchild of Mr. Anil Oberoi, the CEO of White Sparkles Jewelry Thai Co. and former Chief Operating Officer of the gemstone industry’s e-commerce pioneer Recognizing that as today’s online gemstone and jewelry marketplace has become exceedingly oversaturated with products and sellers, there are vast trading opportunities being missed as a result of web-clutter and search inefficiencies. Therefore, the Gem Trade Network is focused on ushering in a new era of online trading—one that brings buyers and sellers together in a streamlined, efficient trade environment.
The Gem Trade Network Advantage
Unlike trading on auction sites or investing in the costly development of an e-commerce website and associated marketing activities, the Gem Trade Network provides members with an instant, state-of-the-art e-commerce web presence that showcases their products for direct sale or auction while providing the opportunity to develop a global brand. With no start up or listing fees, multi-lingual technical and e-marketing support, the Gem Trade Network is the only tool you need to sell online.